Facilitation Services
BRG provides the highest quality professional facilitation services for large and small groups engaging in collaboration efforts which bring together management teams, work groups, project teams, integration or implementation teams. We make implementing change a seamless process.

Our strategic approach is to coordinate work groups and work teams to promote skill diversification and development, information sharing, responsibility and accountability within agencies and organizations.

We specialize in identifying areas of commonality and consensus to enable productive utilization of resources toward consensus issues, while acknowledging divergent concerns and diverse socioeconomic communities.

  • Focus Groups
  • Strategic Planning Processes
  • Offsite Facilitation
  • Goals, Purpose, Values, & Mission Identification
  • Nonprofit Board Development & Training
  • Work Group & Team Processes
  • Public & Private Meetings
  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • Charettes
  • Community Visioning Processes

  • It is wonderful how much is done in a short period of time, provided we set about it properly, and give our minds wholly to it. ~ William Hazlitt

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