Research Services

BRG consultants are highly skilled in all aspects of research and fully appreciate the need for timely project implementation and deliverables.

BRG research instruments are designed to provide our clients with statistically significant quantitative and qualitative information regarding performance, perceptions, past and future influences of a segment of the market place, or other targeted group. Our comprehensive final reports can be used as a stand-alone market research document or as an essential element of a decision support package.

Our experience includes both blind survey projects and survey projects where the survey sponsoring entity is fully disclosed - this decision is based on client requirements. We follow proven project methodologies, ensuring that challenges and opportunities are identified, analyzed, and addressed to ensure optimal levels of organizational performance and service delivery.

BRG also provides services that help decision-makers deal with internal environmental changes and refine corporate or agency culture. Internal research can bring to light barriers to workplace efficiencies, resistance to changing policies or procedures, levels of employee satisfaction and other opportunities to improve organizational effectiveness.

Research tools available through BRG:

  • Focus Groups
  • Market Surveys & Analysis
  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Media Message Beta Testing
  • Secret Shopper
  • Demographics Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Target Market Identification & Segmentation

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